There are days that leave an everlasting mark on the soul. On a cool breezy afternoon in November - we got to play a part of one of those days. Whatever expression you can think of to articulate that we were working "full-steam ahead," will be completely appropriate. Magnolia was buzzing with busyness and excitement as we prepared to host a beautiful wedding reception for an incredible couple! We were able to serve over 260 guests, still with room to spare, and let's just say - it was quite the celebration!

The wonderful folks at Macon Tent Rentals provided a breathtaking tent and it complimented our newly refinished Red Barn perfectly. The music for the event was provided by the wonderful team at Beat the Best Entertainment, their professionalism and music selections were fantastic. Furthermore, as always, providing us with beautiful pictures was our photographer Matthew Warren. We were so glad to work with these fine companies and can't wait to partner with them in the future.

The meal was a collection of dishes that reflected the couple, because that is what a wedding meal should be! We love being able to customize the menu to not only fit the event but the people the event is celebrating. In addition, the couple chose to provide the guests with a gourmet hot chocolate bar! One of our favorites!

We are blessed to be able to host events like these at the Magnolia House and Garden. What makes them even sweeter is knowing that it all is done for, to, and through the name of Jesus. As marriage is a picture of Christ and the Church, it's these moments that paint a picture of the wedding feast that Christ has prepared for His Bride. (Revelation 19:6-9)

We hope and pray that the Lord bless you, Clay and Brittany. May the Lord prosper your marriage richly and make your glorious union honor Him in every way!