Burning glances, turning heads
Stop and stare at the sea of smiles around you!"

Phantom of the Opera

If you didn't know... we love our city! Jonesboro is a beautiful gem that is pursuing greatness with every day that goes by. A little over a week ago we hosted an incredible Masquerade Gala on behalf of the Jonesboro Main Street Advisory Board. It might possibly be one of our greatest events yet!

The settings were gorgeous displays of silver, gold and black with elements of a traditional masquerade scattered throughout. Our beloved chefs created an exquisite meal that left everyone speechless. Chef Andre pulled out all of the stops with perfect filet mignon and a show stealing teriyaki glazed salmon. 

This spectacular evening was topped off with two amazing performances by students from the local Martha Ellen Stilwell School of the Arts and The Atlanta Seventeen; these mind-blowing musicians were the talk of the night. We were able to convert our pavilion into the perfect stage for the ensemble and their smooth jazz vibes filled our evening with joy. Not only are these fine folks, who make up The Atlanta Seventeen, incredibly talented but are also tremendously generous as their profits go right back into other charities. We love partnering with talented people - but even more so with those who let their gifts be a blessing to others. 

We seriously cannot wait to see what the future holds for our beautiful city. We love you Jonesboro!