Let a wise person listen and increase learning,
and let a discerning person obtain guidance.

Proverbs 1:5

Isn't it amazing when you get the chance to meet people that make a difference? Isn't it also amazing when the difference is made in your life personally? Just a short time ago we had the pleasure of hosting a "thank you" event for some of the Winshape Foundation's marriage counselors. These amazing couples take time to invest into the marriages of people needing guidance. Being a marriage counselor not only takes a wealth of wisdom, but an incredible amount of patience. Wading through the storms of life is difficult, and at times feels impossible, but when someone is willing to venture into that struggle alongside of you... it changes everything.

This was an opportunity to truly bless some amazing people... so we did! Their intimate event utilized both our indoor and outdoor facilities, which was perfect for a late-summer's evening. The meal featured elegant salmon and filet mignon accompanied with dauphinoise potatoes and haricot verts wrapped in bacon, making for an absolutely delicious meal! Dessert featured mini treats alongside two sumptuous cakes. Everyone's appetite was filled and their souls refreshed.

If someone has ever helped you in a time of need, you know how much it means to show them how thankful you are. For these amazing people, we hope we showed them how much of a difference they make.