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Located next door to our lovely property is the historic Greenhouse of Jonesboro, a ministry affiliate of A Better Way Ministries. An intimate event venue it can host a number of small events such as: afternoon tea, luncheons, meetings, showers and so much more.

The Greenhouse, or as it was known in the late 1800's the Looney-Hanes House, was originally built to house the president of, the now ceased, Middle Georgia College. The house was built by Mr. Elijah Hanes, a farmer who gained a fortune during the Dahlonega Gold Rush of the 1820's. In addition to housing the college president, it was also used to board some of the male students attending the college. 

The Dining Room

Our dining room is styled in a fashion to resemble the late 1800's while maintaining the conveniences of our modern culture. Combining both ornate and subtle elegance, the dining room provides guests with an elevated sophisticated experience.

The Parlour

In French the word "parler" means "to speak." The Parlour is used as a beautiful area for conversation, debate, and the sharing of hearts. We at The Greenhouse designed this room with an atmosphere to cultivate stimulating discussion. Whether these moments are full of the pouring out of the soul or viewing contrasting views on current times, we hope this beautiful space will be used to the building up of friendships and community.

The Drawing Room

The drawing room is traditionally where guests are welcomed and entertained when entering someone's home for a gathering. Here at The Greenhouse of Jonesboro we want you to not only feel like a guest, we want you to feel like our neighbor.

Intimate Gathering?